Monday, March 19, 2012


Guest post by Akhatenje

Dear Kenyan Screenwriter/Scriptwriter Person,

I like you. I know you have the best intentions and despite your ego, packed in a laptop bag, I still like you. I have spent some time with you and I know how you tick, the intervals are not uncanny.
I am a creative writer. You are a writer, yes. I respect that. However I am worried about the creative aspect of your writing. It either does not exist or you are not feeding it properly. There are two possible reasons you lack that important ingredient. One, you are a big canvas bag of words that lacks talent. Two, you do not do what I do. Let us assume that you are not a bag of words that lacks talent. That would mean that you write horrible screenplays because you do not do what I do.
Disclaimer (If I may call it that): A horrible screenplay defined is a screenplay that looks and reads exactly like the previous screenplay by X the filmmaker who is your friend or foe. The story is the same, the setting is the same, the plot is the same, the actors and actresses are the same. The only difference would be the TV station that accepts your donkey shit or the date and year you release your film at a foreign cultural institution somewhere near Anniversary towers.